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Welcome to my virtual kitchen where you can find recipes of healthy food!
I’m Ivanka, a mother of three children and wife wonderful man who supports me and monitored in all my life stations … Since my health is my family and my own in the first place, I decided to your cooking and food preparation based on healthy foods that supplies the body many nutrients. So I started studying healthy recipes, try them and little by little … our diet is based mainly on that … No more white flour, sugar, margarine, butter, processed foods and industrial and other scourges of the modern world. I try to use it fresher foods (especially from our organic garden), grains, seeds, dietary supplements (spirulina , wheatgrass, maca, proteins) … olive, pumpkin, coconut and flaxseed oil … and herbs and spices. I also believe that certain foods does not need too much to heat because they lose the necessary nutrients.

Nutritionist: 17.6.2017. After a few months of schooling, I was awarded Nutritionist

I hope you in this blog to find something for yourself, feel free to comment, ask …
Thanks for reading and support,
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