Green smoothie

Zeleni smoothie

Version for making a healthy smoothie-I is countless; combining fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts and the so-called. great food, we get a delicious and very healthy breakfast or snacks.

Smoothie of bananas, mangoes, avocados and Kiwis, and almond milk with the addition of super food (chia seeds and barley grass ) lay your body the necessary nutrients and give you energy.

The quantity is for one large tub or two less … Let the day begin healthy and enthusiastically!

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Fruit-ingredients for the Green smoothie

In a blender place the sliced banana, cleaned and chopped mango and half an avocado. Add barley grass powder. Pour the almond milk and, if desired, sweeten with honey or agave syrup.

Mix until you get a thick liquid.

Divide into two bowls, add each portion into 1 tablespoon of chia seeds and 2 soup spoons almonds. Mix and leave for 15 minutes.

Garnish with sliced Kiwis each portion, the remaining pieces of mango and coconut flakes.

The finished the Green smoothie

The remaining avocado use for salads or spread.

Enjoy with You to the beloved person in a healthy and very delicious smoothies!

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