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The most depressing day of the year -called Blue Monday

The most depressing day of the year for a few years now called Blue Mondays

Why is the most depressing day?

We all have the feeling that the end of the Christmas and new year’s holidays, with a view to the future days that carry negative balances in bank accounts, deposits around the waist, return to work and deal with the obligations and responsibilities.


What is a Blue Monday?

Calculated on the basis of a series of factors (not particularly scientific) using mathematical formulas. The factors are: meteorological forecast, the level of debt (in particular, the difference between the debt and our ability to pay), the number of days from Christmas, how long did it take the time to give up on our new year’s resolutions, as far as we are a weak motivational levels and a level of feeling the need to take responsibility for the situation.


The formula for the Blue Monday

That day was originally conceived by the PR company, but now it became an annual event.

When the Blue Monday?

According to the formula Blue Monday 2017 will drop to 16. January 2017.
Born in general are displayed as if it falls on the third Monday in January, but can also fall, and on the second or fourth Monday, and even on Monday in the last week of January.

The first Blue Monday was 24. January 2005.

For the existence of Blue Monday, that there is no scientific evidence but is a term that they accepted the media and people prone to depression.

What you can do on the Blue Monday?

Exercise, activities that make you pleasure, having fun with your friends and family will help chase away the winter depression. On the day you specify you do some simple activities that will help you clear the mind, and it can be anything, for example. as a simple trip to the cinema.

However, if you’re fighting with the feelings of depression over a long period it is necessary to talk with your doctor or a trusted family member or friend.

Still some general tips that can help you, I’m not on the Blue Monday already, and other days when you do not feel the best, IE. When you have a “bad” day. -Post “Tips for the “survival” of the so-called. “bad” days

Željko Brček

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